“Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign. But stories can also be used to empower and to humanise. Stories can break the dignity of a people. But stories can also repair that broken dignity”

                      Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
          Story telling is a powerful tool that can be used to entertain, teach morals, motivate, inspire, inform, correct, reform and preserve history.                                                                  
      PEOPLE like to listen to stories; class or profession notwithstanding, it is in nature of man. They don’t just listen to those stories for entertainment alone, they go down to their stream of thoughts, form its own meaning and in its own way tend to shape their actions, decision and reasoning. Stories have a way of influencing readers. So when telling stories, you are not just narrating or describing chronological events, you are sending messages to the hearts of readers and it can in turn make or mar them depending on the kind of story you tell.
     Story had been since the time of our ancestors. They tell stories to preserve cultures and tradition. They tell stories to keep histories- important things in history. They also tell stories to teach morals – folklore/tales. These have over many years, decades and even centuries teach morals and many are still learning from them. So, one of the powers of stories is to teach morals. Stories written to teach morals are called didactic stories.
      Looking into history, there are stories of great people that had and will continue to be of great influence on the people. Let’s look at a number of them.
      Abraham Lincoln who had several failures on his way up in life and at the end he became one of the best president America had. His story will speak to someone that the numbers of failure you have does not stop you from reaching your goal.
     The story Thomas Edison, the man who invented the electricity bulb at 1000th trial. This shows the spirit of a man determined to make a difference (tenacity and perseverance), so no matter the number of times you have tried, if you do not give up, you will hit the breakthrough.
     Huffingston Arianna second book was rejected by 37 publishers but she went on and got the hit at the 38 publisher. She didn’t relent, so if you are passing through rejection, no is not never. Take some steps more, the next one might just be the answer to your prayer.
     Ben Carson who later become a great neurosurgeon in life was once classed a dullard but the mother took responsibilities and he became a sharp mind. That will inspire you that the opinion of people is not the verdict of your life. Take responsibilities and become the best of yourself.
     The story of the Wright brothers teaches that even if no one believe in you, once your vision is clear and true to you, you can get there. Today everybody wants to fly on or own an air craft.
      These and many stories that cannot be exhausted here have inspired and motivated many people in their personal lives. Stories  have the power to do so up till now. Stories can still inform, motivate, teach morals, inspire, encourage, correct and bring reform to a person or a people.

      You must have seen that stories are not told for telling sake. They have a way of influencing the personal lives of readers. Stories cannot only be of good influence, it can also be of bad influence, if all a person hears is negative stories. One who hears the story of failure always may end up as one because that is all his mind is filled it. So you must be conscious of what you tell or write.
      It is not only non-fictional stories that teach morals, fictional stories also influence readers. Your gift of creative writing is beyond mere talent, it is a tool of influence. And you should know, influence guide what people do and become. Sharpen your pen to be of positive influence to the readers. Determine to use your pen to help one passing through hard time, to motivate someone. You can inspire through your writings, you can encourage someone. Use your pen to teach morals, correct or bring about reform in the society. Writers are doctors of the society, you can through your pen give to the society correct diet per time to make it stay healthy.
      With this, you will see that what you do has a great meaning, so start writing with purpose (if you have not been). Let’s fill the world with positive influencing stories. Let your stories – drama, poems, prose- have a purpose aside entertainment. All work of art must entertain. Search your spirit, if what it speaks is motivation, among other things, let motivation go with your work so someone tired or about to give up out there will receive power to go forth. What you do (write) is powerful, please do it well. Maximise it to make the society a better place.

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27 Apr, 20
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