This write up is by Michael Chukwuemerie.

What Is Writer’s Block?

 "A creative slowdown, a lack of inspiration,  work paralysis or even a mental block, writer's block can be all of these and even more." Micheal C. Ani 

      Ever experienced a shortage of ideas? Or sitting in front of your work desk as hours passed by, staring at your blank monitor, hoping and wishing that words and ideas will come to your aid but no they don’t? Or perhaps you’ve been in that position where your hands are willing to wield the pen, and even the pen willing to ink some words down to paper but your mind simply disagrees with your current scheme of work?. I doubt you haven’t, I mean everyone does at one time or the other no matter how professional they have become. However, the only difference between the amateurs and the “professionals” is that while the latter tend to overcome this challenge each time they faced it, the former rarely does. These conditions are what we call ‘writer's block’.
The Oxford Dictionary, however, defined it to be:
The condition of being unable to think of what to write or how to proceed with writing.”
A perfect definition. Now that you have an idea of what we are talking about, we shall go ahead to discuss it in full.

The Big Question

Many scholars and fellow creatives in the writing profession have honourably argued the authenticity of the writer's block. Most, as it appears to be, do not conform to the existence of the term. Some say it is a mere excuse not to write, others say it is simply a condition that exists only in the writer's mind.
A certain blog once read:
  "Writer's block doesn't exist. Not really. It is a condiction that exist enirely in your head. That wall you are building is made of air, not bricks. But when we believe this lie we tell ourselves, it becomes real."

I, myself, have been in that position where I stare at the monitor for ages, lost in thought, thought for words to write, hoping that somehow, the words will come. Funny as it seems, they don’t. To further make matters worse, this condition most times last for days, weeks, months and I even hear it lasts for years (I’m not sure how true this is). The fact remains: whether real or not, excuse or sickness, be it what it may, there comes a time in a writer's life when all ideas seem to be on break. At this time, many starts to think themselves to be plagued by sickness.
 Writers block is not what you think. It is not medical affliction everywhere. It is not a diseases preventing you from doing your best work and it is not a virus that takes control of your creative process, rendering you useless" Jeff Goins

Who else thinks writer's block is an affliction of the creative mind? I Am sure I’m not the only one. Jeff Goins, however, thinks otherwise. Well, I believe him, writer's block might be a condition but it certainly is not related to health or its equivalent. It is a condition, just like fatigue/stress. One that can be overcome without needing any professional help or advise. You don’t even need a doctor's prescription for you to dose enough medicine to cure it ( I know I said it is not a sickness).

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22 Apr, 20
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