“Rejections are speed bumps,
                                                                                                    not dead ends.”

           HAVE you been rejected in your quest to get published? Don’t be deterred. No is not never, you have to persevere to get yes.  If you are currently facing this and you feeling unhappy or depressed, take strength from the story of Haffington Arianna,
       “When I was 25, I wrote a book that was rejected by 37 publishers. By about 25, you would have thought I might have said, “hey, you know there is something wrong. May be I should be looking at different career”
Instead, I remember running out of money and one morning walking depressed on St. James Street in London, where I saw a Barclays bank. I walked in and, armed with nothing but a lot of Greek Chutzpah, I asked to speak to the bank manager and asked for a loan. And even though I didn’t have an asset, the banker - whose name was Ian Bell - gave me a loan. It changed my life, because it meant I could keep things together for another 13 rejection.
And finally, I got an acceptance. As they say, 38 is the charm.”
Rejection means no, not never. If you are rejected by a publisher don’t reject yourself. Move to another publisher. Arianna said what kept her going were the words of her mother,
                                                                                   “Failure is not the opposite of success,
                                                                                         it is a stepping stone to success.”

Don’t take rejection for you can’t get published. Rather, do good to ask the publisher the reason why you were rejected maybe it is something you can work on and come out better and then move on. Never give up. No one gives up to get up. Persevere and get it done
                                                                                               “If you give up after the no,
                                                                                                   you never get the yes.”

                                                                                                       Carrie Hope Fletcher
 More about Huffington Arianna. She is the founder of Huffington post, author and all-round journalistic powerhouse. These are some of her books, 1. Thrive
2. The Sleep Revolution
3. On Be Coming Fearless
4. Fanatics and Fools
5. How to Overthrow the Government
6. Huffington Post Complete Guide on Blogging.
7. Picasso: Creator and Destroyer
8. Third World America
9. Pig at the Trough
10. The Gods Of Greece
11. Maria Callas: The Woman Behind The Legend
12. The Fourth Instinct
13. Right Is Wrong
14. The Female Woman
15. Who’s to say What’s Obscene
16.  After Reason
17. Reading in Renewing America Civilization
18. Greeting From The Lincoln Bedroom.

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