(Mind the tone of your story.)
     Your approach in achieving the purpose of telling your story is very important. In other for the purpose of your writing not to be defeated, you need to watch the tone of your story. Choose the approach that will best capture the mind of your readers, whom you want to impart through your work.
     Don't write the way you feel, write the truth with simplicity. Don't use abusive language that will break the people instead of building them. There are two sides of speaking(writing) to people no matter what, be positive. 
     For instance if you want to educate a people, don't make them feel like bunch of clueless ignorants; claiming superiority over them. The story will surely piss them off. No one wants to be ridicule even if that is the state. Come by introducing to them the knowledge you want to impart in them with benefits. Open their minds to know the new light and expose them to how to work on it.
     Another one, if you want them to change their way of doing something, don't condemn them as nobody. Convince them to leave that old path with the introduction of a new way which is beneficiary to them. You don't win people by condemnation, you get them by convincing them.
     In trying to convince, be positive, be truthful - whatever is built on lies do not last long. Do not be bias- by been bias you will lead astray many of your readers who do not have extra mind to think deep on what you have written, they  just adopt it that raw.
    Let your purpose entertain, captivate and make positive effect on your readers 
                    Convince not condemn.

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10 Apr, 20
No matter how beautiful your story is, if the tone is wrong, the story will be wrong. Study to know your audience and the best way to get them.

2 years ago
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