You are a good writer no doubt about that. You have the skill, you are creative and innovative no doubt about that. Your work will move the world to action, but know you can't do it alone. Great works are not the product of one person, many people come together to build that work with the owner. So don't be afraid to let someone who knows better, who you can listen to, who is truthful  and has your time get into you work. By this I mean, someone who can look into your face and tell you the truth about your work, someone who knows better than you, who does not have bias mind. You don't need to be arrogant that you are self sufficient. It takes one to conceive a vision, it takes many to build it. Let someone(can be more than one) into your work that would tell things as they are. The right things you have done, the weak side of the work, then general edit on sentences, phrases, tense, concord, and word. Sharing with these set of people does not reduce the fact that you are intelligent  but there might had been one or two things you had not sewn. There mignt be one or two concept you have shared there in that needed adjustment, or not fisible. They are in the best position to constructively correct you. Then you go to work again to make the necessary adjustment that will give your work a beautiful shape.
      There are certain people you can't permit in this level of your writing. The people you have capacity than. The people who will destructively judge your work, killing your spirit. The people who do not have the time for your work, wasting your time. You need a heart that is more mature than yours, that has capacity than you and willing to help you. The people you trust their judgement to help your work. They see what you do not see and will go a long way to help you become better writer if you will follow their candid advice. If you will work in their truth. Though their word should not override your work but can't discard such helpers as they they are.

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30 Mar, 20
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