Character is whosoever or whatsoever performs function in the work of art. You need to develop characters that are realistic and believable no mater how weird or cool they might be. If you will develop a good character, you need to have knowledge about human personality, culture, belief, vocation, jobs and many more. The time when your character lived, past, present or the future you are foreseeing. 
Let's look at types of characters.

1. PROTAGONIST-:  Main character, who plays the leading role and the whole story revolves round him or her.

2. ANTAGONIST -: The villain. The one who is always go against the protagonist and at the end is been conquered.

3. SUPPORTING CHARACTER-: They are part of the story. They may develop a complex back story of theme but usually in relation to the main character.

4. MINOR CHARACTER. Not well developed character used to fill a story.

1. FLAT CHARACTER-: The character who do not go through a substantial transformation. They are character with little to no complex emotion, motivation or personality. They also don't undergo any kind of change to make them well round. They,
* Have no internal conflict.
* Conform to stereotype.
* Never experience character development.
* Lack a multi- faceted personality.
     They are often referred to as one or two dimensional. Usually having one perspective or point of view about life, thing, or event. The role is to help the main characters in pursuing his ambition and goal.

2. ROUND CHARACTER-:  Well developed character. They are like real person they have depth and emotion. A round character can be static or dynamic. Writers develop round character fully, physically and mentally. They are characters readers can relate with. They, 
* have internal conflict.
* undergo significant character development.
* Experience mental and emotional change.
*. Have multifaceted personality.

3. DYNAMIC CHARACTER-: This type of character changes through the story due to their experience- conflicted. They face challenges and take time to learn from it. They learn from their mistakes so also from the experience from others. The changes they go through is more of mental changes as a result of their experience. They might go through trial and tribulation , mature, have a change of heart, develop likable quality or turn for the worse. E.g an angry man can turn to be a cool headed man.

4. STATIC CHARACTER-: They don't undergo any change in personality, perspective or character. They remain what they are from the beginning to the end. They stick to their belief . All his or her action stays  in true and unchanged to his or her personality in between the scene.

     Having have the knowledge of characters you need to know characterization.

This is solely building your character. Who do you want your character to be? Who your characters are is essential in making your book. You need have basic knowledge of certain human personality to build one. 
We have different personality exhibited by different people . Let see them in fours.
The first four.

1. AVERAGE-: High in neuritism(negative concept about self)  and extraversion while lower in openess.

2. Reserved -: No open or neurotic but emotional stable. They tend to be introverts, agreeable and conscientious.

3. ROLE MODELS-: Natural leaders with low level of neuroticism and high level of agreeableness, extravation, openness and conscientiousness. Listen to nee , ideas and reliable.

4. SELF CENTRED-: High extraversion, below average in openness, agreeablness and conscientiousness.

The second four
1. SANGUINE -: Lively, optimistic, buoyant and carefree. They love adventure and have high risk tolerance. They have boredom and seek variety and entertainment- pleasure seeking behavior. They are very creative and fantastic entertainers. 

2. PHLEMATIC -: A person of the people. They seek interpersonal harmony and close relatively making them loyal spouse and living parents. Love peace and harmony. They are into charity and helping others.

3. CHOLERIC-: Goal oriented. Savvy, analytical and logical. Practical and straight forward. They are not good companions.

4. MELANCHOLY-: Lover of tradition. Love family and friends. They are not lover of adventure. They are social and seek to contribute to the community. Extremely thorough and accurate. Fantastic managers with good personality. 

Some other things that your character may need.

CAREER- Medicine, law, commerce, media, civil service, sport, farming, engineering.

VOCATION-: Hair styling, weldering, fashion designer, ...

RELIGION- Christian, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Afirca Traditional Religion...

MARRIAGE STATUES-: Married(polygamy, monogamy), single, divorced, separated, nun...

FFASHION-: Lover of fashion, not lover of fashion.

EDUCATION-: illiterate, drop out, graduate...

TRIBE -: Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, Igala, Ebira, Fulani, Edoma, Tiv, Edo, and more

VIRTUE-: Humility, honest, diligence, loyalty...

VICE-: Pride, greed, lair, lazy, anger.

These and many counting that made a life of human, there are still more. 

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