You are busy, very busy but you have the mind to write a book. Your busy schedule has always hinder you but down beneath, you want to write. I think you can do it this way. You surely bath, you surely eat, you surely share moments with families and friends. If you do, you can have the time to write. How ? You want to ask. It starts with decision. Your decision will help build the strength to write. This decision is the one you will consciously follow if you truly want to write that book. Take a precise decision to write at a specific time, like ;

1. The moment you  wake up, you will write for 15 minutes or more ( depending on your capacity) before doing any other thing that day, that means starting your day with that story. 

2. It might be when you want to go to bed, you spend some minutes to write, that means ending the day writing that story. 

3. Your lunch hour at work. That moment you use for lunch at work. Just take part of it and write for few minutes and then have your lunch.

4. Wake up before the normal time you use to wake and write. You may wake up thirty minutes or a hour before.

5. Look at your schedule from time to time, look at those things you really do that doesn't count, I mean if you don't do them there won't be any problem. Use the time you use for those things  to write. (Time spend on social media reading and watching things that don't add to you. Time use in gisting with friends, watching moves.)

6. Public holidays. You can also plan your public holiday to write, I mean you focus all you want to do that time on writing that story you have always want to write.

7. Holiday. This one is for students and teachers. Your long and short holidays can be maximised to write that story.

8. Leave. Use your leave period to write. Don't rest all through, write that book, infact use that period to do much work on your book. 

      If you are consistent with the time you have chosen to write, you will be amazed at what you will do within short period of time. Create the time and let that beautiful story be born.

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20 Feb, 20
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