Setting is where(place) or when (time) an action in a story takes place. Choose your setting. In places where settings are important to your story, describe them in detail, paint them with words. Setting is usually introduced at the beginning of story and it can also be unfolded as the stories progress. 

TIME-:  When action takes place. It can cover many areas; time of life, time of day, time of year, past, present,and future.

PLACE-: The physical location where your story takes place. It also coves many area; car, bus, boat, village, town, city, country etc.

MOOD  ATMOSPHERE-: Feelings created, sorrowful or cheerful!

WHEATHER-: Sunny, rainy, stormy and more

SOCIAL/CULTURAL CONDICTIONS-: style of that moment, political power(civilians or military ). 

1. BACKDROP SETTING-: in a book with this kind of setting, you find it hard to find out the time and place where the story is written. The story is time less and can be acted any period of the year. The focus is more on the  message of the story.

2. Integral setting-: A book with this kind of setting has the setting very important to the story, like historical stories.

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27 Jan, 20
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