Generally, literature is any  work with artistic value. 

     I define literature as a platform available to unleash innate potential by maximizing one's creative power with the use of imagination or experience to  create and re-create a 'new world' represented in picture, painted by artistic words shaped into various genres and forms.

Literature is beyond putting words together, it is creating a definite picture with words to serve two major purposes, first, to entertain, second, to pass moral that reshapes the society(make better what is good and make good what has gone bad.)


     Literature has great power as it deals in words. Words are powerful.  It is the power with which the world was made and sustained.  It has a influencing power over the mind of men. To make a man or to mar him, to break and mould is. Over the years, literary world had been mined and there are still more to mine. Your creative power can be channel to fulfil many purposes beyond what might had been done.

>Entertain.This is a must feature of every work of art. It is first to entertain.

>Inform and educate.

>Motivate and inspire.

>Share your view.

>Expose the culture and tradition of your land.

>Instruct and correct.

>Change and replace.

Literature is wide. It is like a raw field of word, where art creators can create in their varied capacities. It can go a long way in this century (where there is always a quest for change, where many have inner thirsts for different solution(s)), to bring about the solution the heart  of men ask for. Become creative in your literary  works to save a life and society. Creative literature is all about creating a new world,  safe and lively to dwell. 


01 Jan, 19
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