Spend quality time to build that story- No story is too small for you to commit your best into. Don't under look any story even if it is just a page. Write it in a way it will entertain people and also add something to the wealth of their knowledge. 
Let your short story have; 
1. Clear idea- the central of your story. What the story revolves around. 
2. Purpose- to inform, to educate, to inspired, to motivate...
3. Audience - the specific people you are writing to. Male, female ,children, married, single.
4. Character - well developed character. 
5.  Settings- Different settings-  place, time, weather...
6. Theme- the center message.
7. Subject matter- who/what the story is about. 
8. Point of view - Angle of narration
9. Plot- sequence of event
10. Diction- language used.
11. Tone- mood of your story.
      Someone is saying all these in a short story? Yes, all these and even more. When you add all these together with good story line it gives you a quality story.
After you have written your  story, edit it. Then proceed to proofread it.
     Aside that this is the way it should be, a story no well written pisses of readers. Writing a good short story will surely help you to build a bigger story.
Keep writing!

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05 Jan, 20
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