Influence children through stories, peoms to be positive, courageous, brave, truthful, nation builders and more. 
     I will like to implore children writers here to use their creative power to in still into the heart of our children the virtue of positivity, courage, bravery,  nation building, love,  unity,  truth, love for success and good living. 
     Our children are our glory and future as we will not live for ever,  you can through your pen send positive message into their heart that will guide them as they grow. While you are there creating lovely stories for them, also infuse into the stories something to remember that can help them live good. 
     You may want to say they are too small, they are not, you break it down to the simplest form. Let it sound in their heart as they grow, let it form a strong part of their mind and idea life. 
     Tell them in a lovely way through your story the need to love their neighbour, speak the truth, Maximize their potentials, take care of their health, always help need, show kindness to less privilege, respect other people value and opportunity and more. 
     This achieve a lot if every book for children speaks something positive to the heart of children. 
"The world will surely will be a better place if children writers will positively influence children with lively stories"
Through this positive influence in creative writing we can change certain wrong orientation and mindset in the secret, making children have a different mind to what is coventional but wrong. It will go a long way to make the difference.

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20 Apr, 19
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