"Pen is a mighty weapon,
it can build what is believed shattered
and it can shatter what I believed built”

Creative writers mold out words for their readers. The readers read it, it goes into their mind. The mind of a man is the central of man, their life begins and ends. The words that go into their mind form part of their thought which leads to action. Note that when you are writing you are speaking to the minds of others. If you darken them with your words, it can sink a man's life to his society. If it lightens his mind, it gives light to his whole life to his society. The action provoke by your words may form the part of a readers’ character, with one’s character one’s destiny is made. Your write ups have the power to influence someone on either side, choose what you write, lest you set souls ablaze or devour the nation.
"Words  are singular  the most power force available to humanity.
We can choose to use this force constructively with words of encouragement,
or destructively using words of despair.
Words have the energy and power with the ability to help,
to heal, to hinder, to hurt, to harm,
to humiliate and to humble"

You may know or not, many read your book and form a character. Written words are one of the high forms of influencer in the words.
Use your pen to build not to mar.
Use your pen to correct and not provoke more errors.
Use your pen to save and not destroy.
Use your own to set the fire of love amidst the land of disunity.
Be truthful and unbiased, regardless of your race, region, profession, and more. Do not because of any desire take your pen and write. Make sure you writing for peace, love and progress.
"Writers are to be as a matter of reality
be custodian of truth.
Anything out of this may bring collapse in the nations system"

I-art writers are to be saviors of the society. A hope people can fall back on no matter what goes wrong in the other realms.
That short wrong message can spark a fire of destruction with more than what money can buy. Use your pen for the world after and not against it. Don't mislead with it, don't lie with it, don't give wrong information or set a wrong mindset, or provide violence..
"The word people read lies with them.
It comes to them when want to think
and provoke actions"


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13 Apr, 19
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