"Writers ought not to write for the fun of it. They should lay bear the truth in an artistic way to add value to a life or the society."
Fight and Stand in what you stand for, that is, the message that speaks in you.  In every writer there is a message, give it out. Don't silence the message for what is fashionable, invogue or acceptable to the society. If you do,  you are working against self because the truth in you dies. 
     Hey! Have you ever taking time to listen to the truth in you?
If yes, 
Are you writing it? 
You are satisfying the world's interest?
If No, you are far from it. 
     Get to know the truth in you and bless the world with it. Taking a look at this common saying: 'The truth is bitter', you will note that, many don't want the truth,  leaders of community, states,  countries don't want the truth. Those who are doing what is hurting the lives of others don't want to be told the truth. Many want things to go their own way, others don't want to be corrected. When they see anyone saying the truth or writing it,  they want to track the person down and deal a good blow.
 Should this stop you from writing the truth?
For if writers stop writing the truth,  and others stop speaking the truth, the society might end in doom. 
     Yes! Creative writers must write in interesting ways that do not repel readers  but they must not allow the bid to please the interest of readers  or the bid to make profit to silence the message in you. 

 The message in you can be;
[*]The purpose of writing. What you want your creative work work to achieve. To inspire, motivate, educate... 
[*]Your passion.  The strong message in your spirit which you want to pass through  your creative work.
[*]Experience. You may want to help other through your experience. To learn from your mistake and follow  your path of success. Sharing your experience  can be a strong tool to help others get it right. 
[*]Knowledge. You can choose to help others with the knowledge you have acquired fission into creative work. 
Your message is what thrive in you and you thrive on when you pick your pen to create your work.
     Beneath the things involgue and things wanted are different challenges  calling for solutions, beneath those surface interests of readers are heart felt interest that mean more than the fun they cash reading a story or poem. This real issue are to be touched in a way a reader will also get entertained. 
     "There is more to a creative writing than entertainment. It should also leave the reader with a message; inspiration, motivation, solution, encouragement or more"
This is what they want to read,  what makes readers happy at the moment,  what is in vogue, the topic of current gist or interest. What suits their interest whether wrong or right.
This is something the heart of readers yarn for.  Something their lives really need when fun dies down. Encouragement, motivation, solution to a challenge,  consolation, healing or more.
These are the area of attack that  really make your work count at the long run. Lives are being blessed by it.  I think you should allow the message in you to thrive so someone will be helped out there. You should write to meet lives' need not satisfy interest in a way that it would de-value the power of creative writing.
"Your message may not be an instant hit but it will surely be a thing to fall back on."

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03 Apr, 19
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