The word 'editing' refers many writers to the grammatical part of it. As a matter of fact, many think editing is all about, correcting the error of grammar, setting punctuation marks right, using capital letter in the appropriate places, checking spelling errors and more. Well they are correct to a good extent but that is not all, though it is an essential part of editing. All things work togother for good, the other part that needs editing is the semantic part, the meaning of the story. Let me use this question to help your mind,  'With the way you have written that story, is the meaning truly achieved? The events and chronology, did they all end up giving the story the meaning you intended before picking your pen and paper?
     I believe stories are written for definite purposes. You have a message you want to pass across before writing. To fulfil this purpose, you need to edit your story semantic to be sure you are passing the right message both on the surface and on the deep part of it. True to it, when you finish writing a work, it seems all green, telling  you to go publish or share. There is nothing wrong with that but there is a reason for one to be sure the meaning is complete and intact, that is, passing the message in your heart.
     Just as you want to be sure that your written work is error free grammatically, you also need to be sure that your work as a whole is impacting those reading it both on the surface and deeply. It not ambiguous, confusing, or sparking wrong fire in readers. As a writer who uses the pen, which is mightier than sword, you should know  that your work is delicate. It can make or mar, once the meaning is gotten wrong, something would definitely go wrong somewhere. Please take the both side of editing serious. Take the time to balance both to give out a quality work.
Keep writing !

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21 Jan, 19
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