(My Concept - OmÓjuwúrà)
     Just as science is applied and it makes the world a better place as in technology, so also, literature can be applied to make the world a better place - with the use of created character and artistic elements to solve human problems. This applied work of literature do not show or tell of challenges in the society alone, it goes further to profer solution and if the society in good reflection, it should also show way of preservation.
     Literature should be made to go a long way effecting changes, though it might have been doing that over the years,  it should get to a level where creative work of art is desired by all because of it effect on the people just as the product of technology is being desired by all. This is what I call impacting art, 'i-art'. It is simply, works of art effecting a reality change, in different sectors of human life. Here, words are moulded together to create artistic works, that will help fill a vacum, change destructive mentality, re-orientate, motivate, encourage, inform, educate, reform  and more. 
I ask,
What if every creative work of art contains a solution, an idea to make the world a better place, a concept that provoke a change, information  to get over challenges and more while the people still get entertained, won't litrature be desirable by all? People will look forward to new work of art, strive to get it for they know in it lies something for them.
     In the world of 'i-art', a book is equal to an idea, solution, motivation, re-orientation in the most effective way, it brings about a needed change. A reader is able to see his or herself and get touched. 'i-art' get close to human, know them, get their needs and meet it.
     Creative writers of NOW, should look forward toward achieving 'real' purpose in our society. I mean things applicable to people lives in their writting. This goes beyond art audience alone, anyone looking for a solution, idea, should be able to fall on literature and get a way out.
     That is why certain question should always be asked to define your work before writing. To impact people  with your work you need to write with purpose. 
Before you start writing, ask yourself and answer sincerely.
1. What is the purpose of my new work?
2. How do I intend to achieve it in my new work?
When you have ansewered the question sincerely, you can go ahead with your work planning, writing out the outline. All will revolve round the purpose and at the end, you have succeeded in reaching to a  people.
Creative world of art should be a desire of all because of the treasure that are in it, created by writer or other creator of other works of art. It has the undoubtable power to turn things around.

14 Jan, 19
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