Neglected Gift

(Pastor Julius sits in his parlour thinking. He is young in ministry. He do see how people trouped out of pastor James church after service. He is wondering how he is able to do that.)
Pastor Julius 
(He thinks loud. ) What is he doing right and what am I doing wrong? People usually troupe  out of his church every Sunday.
I will find out and follow suit.
(He goes to pastor James church  and heard his message and special ministration one Sunday )
Pastor James
Holiness is when you alingn with God. When God created man, He made him in his image and likeness. It was not in the physical because God is not made of dust, He simply  put his spirit within man, that man may be like him. When man sin this spirit departed from him he became like the one who deceived him. That is why Jesus came, He came with the purpose of restoration, to restore us back to the state of the beginning  when the spirit of God dwells in man and he was like him. If you are living a life of lie, disobedience, fornication, you can have a fellowship with God. You need to be holy and walk in it. God said you should be holy as He is holy and that is the work of the Holy Spirit in you to work out holiness by helping you to live a Christ-like life. 
(He makes altar call which some answer to) 
 Now it is time for God to do what he said. He said  He wants to deliver some people from foundation bondage. The generational curses, sickness,  pattern, ancestral pattern, that has stand as invisible barrier and bound round your live hindering you from having the life God had for you. As I pray for you now, you will begin to feel the power of God touch you,  don't hold yourself, just allow the spirit have His way. 
(He begins to pray and there is manifestation. Pastor Julius studies everything and goes home  determined to follow suit. Next Sunday he begins to preach holiness)
Be holy for I am holy. If you will not be holy then you have no place in God. Without holiness  non can see the Lord. Forsake the life of sin and iniquity, embrace God and God alone. His commandments are not burdensome. They are bearable. 
(He makes altar call,  nobody answered)
Now if you are here you need deliverance from bondage of darkness. Come out for a touch.
(Some come out and he prays for them) 
His ministry continues to drag. It becomes worse than before. The church becomes a stagnant church, fluctuating. 
After service one day. He is going home and sees larger crowd coming  and going out of pastor James.
(He goes home sad)
Years I remain  the same, he has moved to second  service.  What  am I doing wrong,  what is he doing right? (A scripture is impressed in his heart; 1 Corinthians 7:20) Thank you Jesus.
He picks his bible, and reads
He knees down and begins to pray. 
Father reveal to me the debt of this word and how it affects my life in the me of Jesus.
The Lord reveals to him that he has left his calling for another ones calling "I gave you the gift of healing and faith but you followed another. It won't work for you. If you want a progress go and begin to use your gift and walk in the call that I have given you"
Thank you Jesus. I'm sorry for this error Lord. I am sorry. Please help me to do your will.
James goes back to his call 
The first Sunday after that, he preaches faith and the power of God comes down heavily. From that time he never have to worry about people, his worry shifted  to how to cater for them. 

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