Secret sin

Brother Emeka Onyeeze is a devoted member of Living Fountain Assembly. He is in two units in the church. He joins the sanctuary keepers on Saturdays to clean the church in preparation for the Sunday service. He also serves in the CCU on Sundays as his main place of service. Apart from this, he is devoted in other calls and service in the church. He is so committed that he gained the confidence of his pastor and leaders. They were sure that if others are not there,  he will be there.
       Bro Emeka is a business man, he deals in electronics, but his business is not prospering as his pastor has preached that those who are committed would be. He wondered what is happening. He pays his tithe and gives his offering, he gives to the kingdom advancement and also go out for evangelism. What is happening? He keeps doing all these and when he cannot not contain it, he goes to the pastor and tells the pastor about his plight. 
"Sir my business is not moving. It had been kind of tough, I need your prayers" the pastor takes it serious as Bro. Emeka is one of his men, he can call at any time and he will respond to him. He first counselled him. 
Bro Emeka,  I am proud  of you and I know God is. He won't let you suffer. He won't let your work crash. He said whatsoever you do shall prosper. He had by the death of his son launch you to the realm of blessing. And also he rewards  those who diligently serve him. Brother, I have no doubt that the Lord will do much more than you ask of him. 
Let us pray. 
As pastor is praying, there is  revelation which makes the pastor to bring his prayer to a short end. He asks Bro. Emeka who is on his kneels with his eye close to open his eyes and sit.
Have your sit Bro. Emeka (He sits) You see brother, there is no need to pray any more, the Lord has heard us. The Holy Spirit  revealed unto me,  that there is something you are doing which you have to stop. He said you know it and that is the problem. Share with me
Bro Emeka
(Thinking) Nothing sir.
You see,  when the Lord wants to set his people free, he brings  about revelation. The Holy Spirit made this clear to me and that is where the way out is. 
Bro. Emeka
I can't remember any. I obey all you said we should do in church. You are one witness of my commitment. Nothing. I can't be the problem  and be seeking solution.
It is impossible for Him to lie. Get up brother. Follow me
(Bro Emeka  follows  him. He leads the way to the altar)
Kneel down there and begin to pray.  I am here with you. We have to know today. 
(He kneels praying,  the pastor stands up praying) 
In Jesus name we have prayed 
Bro Emeka 
God is not a God afar off.  Bro Emeka, the Lord makes me see that you are a fornicator. 
(Bro Emeka becomes  weak. )
Speak to me
Bro Emeka 
Then you have not done all that I have taught  you
Bro emeka
It not like that,  but you know, body no be wood o. I like women and I just try to control myself but I keep fallen and you know women now,  even if you don't want to do anything,  they will seduce you. The power of Eve. 
The Bible said,  a man fall into temptation of what he lust after. Any way, that has been the problem. The sin of fornication in your life is what is making every other labour in His vineyard look as nothing. The Bible said,  those who commit  adultery  destroy  their own soul. Flee Fornication.  You are your own challenge here,  the Lord did not reveal any witch,  curse,  ancenstral spirit  but your sin. You need no fasting or deliverance.  All you need is genuine  repentance. 
You will have to confess your sin. You will repent and ask for forgiveness and then ask the Holy Spirit for the grace to sin no more.
Then you will read the book of proverb chapter 6.
That settles it
Bro Emeka  I ask you to kneel before God and begin to pray 

Bro. Emeka  humbly kneels down and begins to pray.  And asking for the empowerment to go and sin no more. 
After this, he breaks up with all his partners and prayerfully keeps his life. Still serving,  the Lord opened heaven upon him. The reward  of all his service comes to be. 

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