Saved by your Own Salvation

     The heavens opened , it was like the day of the end, when all things will come to an end. There was a great gate, the son of man sat with the angels. They allow every one who had satisfied their requirements into the shining light. It was a great glory that no mortal had behold. The land was large and full of peace. People who had been given passes went in and as they went in, there was transformation. The song of 'Hallelujah, our God reigns for ever' filled the air. It was a great place.                Many were allowed in, many more were not allowed in. There was reactions among them,  like a press,  to enter into the great light but no, they were not allowed in. Angel repelled their moves, from time to time, those outside were taken to the other side, down a dark tunnel. 
     It came to the turn of Mr. and Mrs. Oke's family. The Angel gave the Mrs Oke and their two Children passes into the great lighting according to their certification. Mrs Oke looked back and saw the son standing there,  she notified an angel that, she would like his son to come in.
"That is my son, I want him to come into this great light" She requested
"He did not met the requirements, he can't come in" The angel replied 
"But he is my son. Let him come with me I pray" She replied
" Everyone you see on this side had been certified by the Lamb.  None can come here by the plea. ' The angel replied. 
On the other side. Mr Oke pressed  in. 
"Why are you stopping  me? That's my wife." Mr Oke asked
"In this place there is order. Thing are not done the way you might have been thinking. There is no husband  and wife scene here. Everyone entering here passed their certification test" The Angel replied
"Didn't the Bible say,  two shall come together and become one?  I am one with my wife" He replied
"You speak the truth but man,  the salvation  of your wife is not your salvation. There are many couples here but they were not permitted  because they were couples, individual had worked out their salvation. It is a free gift given to all by the most high through the death of His son. Everyone here had heard of him but those who made the choice of him are the ones on this side" The angel replied. 
'She is my wife, I allowed her go to church on earth. She prayed and took my children to church. I followed her to church when her church had special  programs. I donated and even gave offering. She prayed for me when I was sick  and I got my healing.  I am part of her journey all the years,  I deserve  a pass.' He replied. 
"By our standard here, you do not have a place here. You were part of her journey  but were you in the journey yourself? Did you know Christ  and accepted him? Do you have a walk with Jesus  the Lord? Without  a genuine  repentance  and redemption  of the spirit, you do not have a place here. You are saved by your own salvation, not the salvation  of your wife or child' The angel reply 
Mr. Oke,  wanted to replied the more, but there was a move that took him and the son with others to hell. This kept heart wondering, but the lesson learnt is, the salvation  of others do not save you, you must be save to enter into his glory.

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