Postponed Salvation

Scene one
(Two friends, James and Martins, are seated in the office, James uses the lunch time to speak  to Martin.)
It is about what I have been talking to you about. It is all about Jesus. He loves you and He wants you to be the best you can be.  No one can love you like He does. He gave his life for you. Let him come to your life and surely he would make the difference.
Your word is getting to me and It has even been coming to me again and again of recent. But you know that I have a trip on hand and it used to be full of fun. 
Delay may be dangerous. Who knows the next minutes? Let the word that has been coming to your mind take the place. 
Friend, you don't know how it works. I can't miss the fun of this journey. Those girls over there are slim and you know,  I love them slim. I promise you, when I come back, I will surrender all. 
I pray it won't be too late. 
Scene two
(Martin is packing his load excitedly)
It going  to be fun.  This is the trip I have always love to go.
(His mind speaks to him) 
His mind
Delay of any thing can be dangerous. Why don't you say yes to Jesus before going.
Nothing will go wrong.  I have been on the trip several times, new trip comes with greater fun. And I know this one will be same. 
His mind
You need Christ, you need him. 
When I come back. 
Scene three 
(On his way coming back, he has a fatal accident, many died,  others are rush to the hospital. Martin is one of them. James hears the news and rushes down.)
May be he would survive, may be he would be able to accept to accept.
(At the hospital. He rushes to his ward. Martin is in troubled state.  He is obviously in pain yet weak. James is allowed to into the ward after much persistent)
Martins, how are you?
(No response)
Talk to me.  How are you feeling? 
(He can't talk. His head is held together with bondage and most part of his body. After minute of James presence, he makes strange moves.  James goes for the doctor. They rush in and tried to save him but too late to mend. He goes to the dept of the dead.  James gave a deep cry) 
If only he had surrendered to Jesus,  he might have been save. He said he was going to give his life to Christ when he comes, now he could not make it. What a wasted destiny! If I know I would have insisted then but ah, I could no hae force him.
(His face is covered. Moved to the mortuary. James kept shaking his head in pain,  no repentance after death; judgment.)

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