10th Anniversary

On their 10th wedding anniversary
     I state here before all other, that, I am sorry, deeply sorry, for  not being with you this year's anniversary. It is our tenth marriage anniversary. I thank Almighty God for a precious gift of you. 
       How are you and the kids, I hope you are doing real good? I can't wait to be back soon, to be there for you all, you know, I am to defend you 😀.
      Sweetlove, I write this to wish you, happy anniversary. Also to appreciate you for these blessed years we have spent together. You have been a blessing to me, you have added value to my life. You are indeed a virtuous woman and I call you blessed. 
     I have heard different stories about marriage  and I dread of even dreaming but you made them all seems a lie. You proved to be a positive helper.
      With you, I have become a father, blessed with wonder kids, that is one thing millions cannot buy. You have supported my dreams and vision, seeing them prosper is your delight, now, you have help me become bigger than you met me. You stood with me through all season, thorny and rosy. You are my motivator that no other can be. Looking at your eyes, gives me the assurance of success, if only I can try again, after I had failed.
     Indeed two are better than one, when I was down, you help raise me, instead of condemning me. You are a blessing to me, you are my joy, you are my pride. I appreciate you all the way. And I do more today, what I had gone for became a success, if not for  your advice, I won't have dare.
       One thing I never told you is, you have make me more responsible. I live, my life, before I met you. With your coming I learnt to be responsible to someone, then the baby came, I learnt to be responsible to people, this change my way to my family, which I do not have much care for before.
    You transform my life and brought me joy no other can give. You are invaluable. I love you as no other.
      Dear, I urge you to continue to be a blessed. Do more , I pray, of good you have being doing. This is my request this day and I will want you to grant it.
        I promise you a surprise!
I know you have always taken care of the kids, do so for them and yourself till I come.
       I love you more
                            Your Sweetlove
      You indeed rendered me speechless with your letter. I appreciate every line of it and thank you also for been there for me always.
     All is well with us. I hope all is well with you as well?
      You made all those things possible, you gave your best to me. You gave be the chance to be the best I can be. I thank you. If you had chosen to brutalize me, treat me less human, or molested me, that won't have being possible. You gave the atmosphere of peace the chance. You allow love to be real above all other feelings. I acknowledge this.
     You have added value to my life in no small measure, you have showed me that life can be more meaningful than conceiving empty dreams. You are one in a million, a blessing I never want to lose.
    You have inspired me to conceive real dreams and pursue them. Your word, 'You can do more' had been the best motivation pill ever. It triggers me to the next level.
    I love and joy in the time we have spent together. You are my pride, you have always brought me pride wherever you go. You are the father of my children, my greatest prides. Your are my joy, you are a blessing to my life.
    Thank you for all things all the way long. May this love never sour. I grant your request. I also make mine, that you be more of who you have been.
Happy anniversary. Pleasant years ahead.
I love you always. 
                           Your dearest

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3 years ago
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