Story Of Habiba!!!

Did you ever lost a piece of your heart?

Do you know that some broken hearts can never mends?

Are you wondering if true love still exist?

Come, sit down, charge your phone battery, sip your coffee and listen.

As I write to you the story of HABIBA whose trust, feelings, and emotions were betrayed.

She fall in love deeply and gives out all her trust easily.

She thought of the words "I LOVE YOU." as the most powerful words that bring people close together.

She was 13 when she experienced her first heart attack.

Just like a glass her heart got broken into pieces by her first boyfriend Aleeyu, then Omar, came Ahmad, and lastly Nasir.

There were times she screams and cries from the pains she feels inside.

She was alone in the dark and long to hear those sweet words and melodies.

She need someone who could whisper into her ears and say; "My Angel."

Someone who would comfort her is all she wanted but now she have to learn to live without such person.

She want to lose all the memories that past.

She want to be free.

She want to move on but yet couldn't.

She felt devastated and hopeless.

She once scent the fragrance of death.

She was emotionally traumatized.

But, she was told by her friends that as life goes on those wounds would heal.

She struggled to survive the attack and believed that those broken pieces will eventually come back together.

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