The Reason Why

Series 1
Favour was a good man. He claimed to love me, and showered me with gifts - he tried to pamper me. He also extended his love to my family, we have not talked or set our minds on getting married but my family knew him as he was always showing good gesture to them. To be honest, I have no problem with him but this; any time I talked about my desire to pursue my dreams, he always said that, it does not count, that he would take care of me. In summary, he does not have the capacity for a woman's success and here I am, I have been a good visional since childhood I needed an inspiration  not a dream killer, he gave what I wanted but I prefer to have my dream fulfilled, in it I can have all that he gave and more. 
My family roars, friends frowned, such a cute guy, such lovely guy but I knew within me, my dreams will perish with him, so I left. 

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4 months ago
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