Many Names before the Name

Before I came to bear success, the name I am called now, I have been called many names.
Some had called me failure, when I failed.
Some had called me loser, when I lose.
I have been called sorry when I made mistakes.
At some point, it was time waster, they don't understand the mystery I was up to and they thought it will never work.
At a time, it was hopeless, at that stage when it seemed nothing had worked and would ever worked.
But I chose to keep moving.
Success is what is see and that is who I am.

At a time I crawled,
Then I walked,  then I halt when I failed. 
I rose up instead of been down then walked, staggering at first, then balanced on my feet and moved on.
With time I began to run, then I flied. 
It had not been flying all through.
There had been moment of crawling but I rose because that is not where I wanted to be.
There was a time all was still but I broke forth I have a glorious life than allowing life huddles to hold me down.
I thank God for mercy, today I am called success.
The other names are never remembered with me.
Because I refuse to accept the christening of others but success, the name I want to bear.

5 months ago
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