There Shall Be No War

How does beat of war drum sounds?
Para pata
Kirir kirir
Po pa po
Ask the elders who once faced the fire, they might tell you or chose not to remember because of the pain of loss and hardship.

Because telling you moved them to a chapter in their lives they never wished came to be.

You have too much peace that is why you call for war.

May be you don't know, it is not the  same way peace feels that war feels.

Issue that can be dealt with in ease you take it beyond night and declare, let there be war!

Things that can be overlook, you raise your hand and insist on war.

Do you know what war is?

War ; a massive destroyer.

It regards no infant or aged, it consumes terribly.
Before you end it or it ends it self, it will lay before you labours of years in waste.

War; a wild fire that you start, with desires, it goes beyond you to bring you sorrow and loss.

War; it makes landlords, homeless. It renders royal heads into slavery. It empty a full house making joyful mother barren.It shatters hope and kill dreams. It withers joy and inflict wound uuhealable.

Oh war! There is nothing good in you!

Seek peace with all heart.

Don't call for war, 
If you have ever seen war,
You will never have call for it as the way out.

Seek peace dear friends.

Peace; bring growth and development. Assures hope and help dreams come through. Make life merry and with it beauty is possible.

Seek peace, insist on peace.

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7 months ago
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