It Hurts

Let me tell you, it hurts.
When I smile to you, you frown at me.
When I admire you, you despise me.
When I try to hold you,  you reject me.
When I give you gift, you trashed them.
When I talk to you, you play the dumb.
When I need you close, you distance yourself.
When I try to draw close, you raise a bar.
You make yourself inaccessible.

I love you.
It’s never cross my heart to hurt you.
All I think is love,
But you show me hatred.
I see you as one needed, but you show I am unwanted.
It hurts.
You are one I want to draw close, but you stay far and make me unhappy.

Why should the battle between our fathers come between us?
 The fathers who started it had died long ago.
Our other fathers inherited it even to the ones that knew not the source.
Here you are holding to the bitterness, the pain, the hatred of what you know nothing of.
Hindering my love, seeing me it as unacceptable.

Shall we dwell in this darkness forever and never allow love to thrive.
If our fathers held to it, must we?
Why allow our best to be consumed by rage we know nothing about.
Can’t we forgive this plight that has consumed many.

Let it start from us.
Let what had not been from generations start from us.
Let us break this bar with the love that thrive in our hearts but you hide yours.
Let us make the light between us shine to shatter darkness they had held to.
I love you Sophie.
Show me love and let us win together.

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8 months ago
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