Beyond Interest

        Grey was sick. He was a colleague at work. I heard about it and felt pity. I hate been sick and any around me. I called him once and again, just checking on his well-being. Later, I heard from an office friend that I had interest in Grey. This they claimed, I showed by calling him once and again when he was down, I was pissed off. How could he had thought that way?
         Grey was a good colleague. I just showed care because I hated sickness and really don’t like any being sick.
          Sometimes I wonder why we can’t allow the God’s kind of love to thrive. Why good gesture from opposite gender should be taken for a show of interest. I just did my mine without any interest thought. Since then I had taken caution in showing care to opposite gender lest they think I have interest.
         Grey, I have no interest in you. I am well settled with my guy, Obed, one who I respected and love.

9 months ago
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