No To Mother's Will

      Before I took my fiancee home I knew what to get from my parents and I prepared for it. Grace was the gurl I love, need and want. If you will be sincere, you will know when you find something good for you. One of my principles in life was to go for what makes me happy. If I refuse to accept what I know is good for me, I will be forced to accept what is was not good for me. That is life!
When we got home, we had the general talks and wanted for personal reactions from my parents. I spoke to my father about her and he promised to make his finding.
"That is the girl I want to marry." I told him
"Are you pleased with her?"he replied
" Yes, I am pleased." I replied
"Alright. I will make my own finding on her because I have to be sure" he replied
Mother on her own side said nope. She doesn't want her. And I said no, that is who I want. I know mother very well, she always wanted things to fall in her place. She had conversation with the Grace and found out she was not the one they can join hands and be messing me up. I knew her ways, there was nothing wrong with Grace, she is the problem here. 
"Mother, I have made my choice and that is what stands here" I told her
"Won't you listen to me" she replied
"Tell me the fault you find in her. Why are you saying no?" I questioned
She could not come up with anything meaningful. I knew she wanted one girl with her own kind of spirit but I have vowed not to make the mistake my brother made. He carried her along in all his process and plan towards marriage; his home is control by the two women.
"Not in this house will you marry Grace or what did you call her" she told me
"I am the one to marry her not you. She is going to be my wife not yours. I am the one who should find a wife not you to decide who I cleave to, at least you have no fault."
     She made a mountain out of the mole hill but I was ready. I knew who she was, her only interest were things that favoured her not things that worked for others. 
     Father made his findings, I don't know how he went about it but he approved her. That settled a lot of things. She still had her words but my father gave the verdict and that was the highest. She had the grudges in her mind but there was nothing she could do about it. That was the battle I fought to get my wife by my side and I have no regret of any kind. I tell you if I have allowed her, I will be married and aching now.

11 months ago
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