Owanbe Step Mother

       She was all out for different parties when mum couldn’t go out because she had just two wrappers. While she was painstakingly investing in our lives, she was investing in timely clothes to fit into parties both the one she should be and the one she should not. Time reveals all things. When the time for my mother came, we became successful then her rival began to say, she used the “destiny” of her children. That my mother was a witch. Laughs. The destinies of her children are intact but she wasn’t good to invest in them. My mother woke early, slept late, to get money. Her knees were closer to the ground in prayers, her belly empty often in fasting though we had the food to eat, her sweat of course. All worked for her and her rival began to think of witchcraft. There is no witch anywhere. Or maybe she is the witch here, the one who watch the destiny of her children rot away because she could not pay the price.
       You know in polygamous family where the father is not capable of caring for the children, the responsibilities rest on the wives. That was the picture of my family. My father married women he could not take care of. I don’t know whether he had forgotten that he was supposed to marry women he could take care of. He married many and brought them home to fend for his children. Some left others stayed to build up the life they had. My mother stayed and she rose to her responsibility early in life. She had five of us. I don’t know why she had up to that in such a tight house and I never asked her. Right from when I could remember, she had been the one fending for us. My father was more of a figure head. She worked like she had the strength of many and made us her investment. She bought books for us more than she bought clothes for herself. She paid our school fees and never allowed us suffer shame of been sent away from school. She assured us of her love and gave us the discipline she could. As we grew up we began to also help her so her load won’t break her. God’s mercy rained on her and we turned out well. 
      The other woman talking was the one who believed she will enjoy her life, she doesn’t care what tomorrow holds. Tomorrow holds a lot, those who could see into it made things work out before they get there. If you ever allow the chance of making tomorrow reign slip out of your hands, you will pay for it. When her body could no longer do the work, she did not allow reality to dawn on her. She took it up that my mother had used the destiny of her children to build hers. It looks true but it is not. My mother only saw through the future and decided to make the future work out, and it worked for her. I don’t care what she says, I have vowed to give my mother all I can. And that is what I will influence my siblings to do.

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