I am Sylvia and He is Gold. I am female, he is male. I am Yoruba, he is Igbo. I am dark and moderate height, he was fair and very tall. I am an introvert, he was an extrovert with caution. We were both disciplined and diligent. I met him during my service year in Bayelsa state and from there, we became very good friends. We also work in the same place. When I got my job and saw there was vacancy I called for him, standing as a young girl who had found the favour of the MD, no strings attached, just favoured. He came in and we continued our friendship.
          He was there for me in time I needed him and I am the kind of person that repays favour, I was good to him too. We talked in office, chatted on social media even call on phone. I mostly called him whenever I have useful information for us or him. We shared our lives and we were like siblings to good extent. Those who didn’t know thought we were dating but no, we were not. Not all good friends can be couples, dating is deeper and more open. We hid nothing from one another even to his relationship. I knew he loved adventure, his colour was dark blue, his food was Okpa. He loves reading and serenity when he had issues to deal with. I knew when exposed to mosquitoes he would be down with malaria. As for me , I can be beaten again and again by mosquitoes and not fall sick. I knew he hated cheating and he loves to defend the cheated. He keeps to time and can be curious and more about him. He knew me as well and we went on fine. To be sincere with you I have no feeling beyond friendship. He was nice, he was generous, he was simple but no, not all friendship should end in romance. He also cherished our friendship and we were good.
          He told me of Fortune when he wanted to date her, the only question I could ask him was, “are you sure of this girl?” And he said, "yes." I didn’t want to talk much lest he thought there was more. There was none I just wanted to be sure he was getting it right. As a young man of honour, if he did not get it right in his relationship, he might end in failure. It was better to be alone than to be with the wrong person. Besides that, relationship was the easiest and cheapest way to give chance to people in your life and you need to be careful.  He went ahead, made the move and it clicked. Good one!
          Fortune was of Tiv tribe, she school in Benue all through but came down to Abuja to work. She was the thick girl. Not up to me in height and glittering dark. She was a catholic with strong belief so she had Rosary, and the church accessories around her always.
          They started well but from the beginning I knew I was not wanted. She didn’t tell me out rightly but I knew. The first day we met, Gold introduced me to her with long profile but her face spoke I would not be needed. She noticed me and acted up but I was smarter. The other time we went out. It was Gold who invited me, she made the outing all about her. She made sure all attention of Gold was all on her. I knew Gold was a person who do not loved to be dominated but he had no option. I laughed within. I am a friend and not an intruder. If I have wanted him, I would have played tricked girls played. There were times the only things that stopped us was the willingness to be good friends. Sometimes when I called she picked and answered with dry words. The time I called to inform him about the one traveling opportunity, she was the one who picked and asked me to stay away from her guy. It was urgent, but she refused to allow me. I got mine, he didn’t. Any time I was around them, she put on the defensive spirit to say, leave my guy or he got covered. We once almost had a clash but I quickly stepped out of it.
           I was not up for that, I can’t remember the last time I had a clash with anyone. I have my own guy, who knew Gold very well and never suspected me or him. I began to withdraw. I don’t even call, I chatted him up fewer times. It was painful to me. Gold was rare friend, one that would stick close no matter what but I had to move back to save his relationship. When he asked me about the traveling, I told him what happened. He asked why I was not to him like before and I told him I have been involved in so many things lately. He questioned me again like I didn’t informed him but I said,"I am sorry." The other time I had a small issue, he was supposed to be the next person I call but I had to respect myself. I called my guy. Thank goodness he responded quickly. Things we could have gist about, I kept it within and the one I must share, I gist my guy or my female friends. Things we could have done together, I did alone or with other person. I just needed that peace but it was painful having it. Losing a friend so close was hurtful. They went on fine, so did I in the distance I created for me. I decided to shift more close to my guy, I share more things with him nand it helped our relationship to get stronger.

one year ago
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