Almost Hooked

     I knew he was not for me but I wanted to tap his money and run away. You know the “chop and clean mouth” kind of thing.  I got on with him after he approached me and I was happy that I did. Rock was his name and he carried. He bought me gifts and treated me nice.  I was getting what I wanted but one thing. 
    “At exactly 10am you were in your boss’s office. By 1pm you were out for lunch. You left your office 4:04pm” Rock said to me.
      He was stalking me. His case was like he was everywhere I went and I hated that. Knowing this was in place, I did things  with caution knowing fully well I was under watch. I lost my freedom. I got the money but I could not even spend it the way I wanted. He bought  everything needed from me and kept me so close. He was not bad guy but I did not like him. I just liked his purse. As if he knew my mind, he held to me and was all over me, whether present or not. For a long time, I was under this kind of life. I hated it but I could not free myself from it.
    This day I came back and he shouted at me the way he had never done before. 
“Where have you been? What did you do today, who did you meet? You think you can out smart me eh” 
I could not say much, “I went to the office and when we closed, I left the office for the house”
 I did not do anything stupid, I thought I was under watch. He calm down and told me, 
“go freshen up and come eat. The chef already made food. Latter we will hit the club.”
“Alright” I replied
 I didn’t want to go but it would be another drama.
    The next morning when I wanted to put on my watch something within stopped me “You did not wear it yesterday and he could not get you.” I thought of it, it was true. Rock got the watch in pair, the male for him and the female for me and instructed me to wear every time I was outside the house. That was a symbol of love that existed not. I obeyed him and my life opened before him. I didn’t  not wear the watch.  He had gone out before me so I went to get exactly that same watch and threw his off. Then he was not able to stalk me. He got so angry, his way changed. He called me names and accused me wrongly. But I remained “loyal”     
    He devised other means but I have gotten to know I am a person under watch so I always check my bags out and some other things for any attachment. He got tired of me. I think his problem was insecurity. He could not bear me anymore and asked me to get out of his life. I did not plead, I have gotten good amount of money.  I left him but before, I did I told him to work on his insecurity. No one wants to be choked by another and that there were still good girls who don’t cheat. They are loyal and faithful.

12 months ago
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