Be Positive

My friend Ovie works hard. Let me go this way, I, Joromi, works hard and I know. There are times I work into the night and woke up early but I am still on queue behind Ovie.Sometimes I leave him to sleep and meet him awake.  He goes to work from 6am and return 5-530pm. He also has some online business he was doing. I tell you he was good but things never added up for him. He was negative. If there was something I strongly hated about him then, it was been negative, he thinks failure, he talks it. Before he ventured into a business, he must have  thought of what if it fail or ran to loss. He seemed to see success as impossible. I wondered why he worked so hard. Sometimes before taking his salary, he had cursed it by negative words and sometimes it answered for him, as a he is getting alert, he was getting call that consumes his money. Even on girls, he didn’t believe there were good girls, all of them were to him, witches, ogbanjes, gold diggers, cheat, betrayals and many more. I was never pleased. He was confessing one of those negative stuff one day and I got and angry
“Keep quiet Ovie, keep quiet. What is wrong with you? Every time negative, every time evil, what is wrong with you?” I asked in a loud voice. “Don’t you know you become what you think and confess. No wonder your life don't add up. You ever think failure, you don’t believe you can’t be successful, you don’t believe you can be happy, you don’t believe you can have good girl, you don’t believe you can do without sickness. How then will your life be beautiful. The law of attraction brings to you what is in your minds. Stop it, stop it, stop being negative. Stop calling doom in yourself. Change your mindset and let your life add up.” 
“But nothing seems working?” Ovie asked
“They will never work. In as much you did not think, confess they will work, they will never work, before you go into a business you see it fail, tell me how  will is succeed. Change your mind. Change it, be positive. You can’t be negative and have the positive, change your mindset.” I replied
“Alright I will try.”Ovie replied
“Don’t try, consciously take the step. You can’t lose in your mind and win in the physical. Work on your psychological system. Fill your mind with positive thought. Breakthrough is possible no matter your statues now” I replied
“Thank you” Ovie replied.
“Don’t thank me, change, that is all I want.” I replied

11 months ago
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