Rest In Peace
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The pain of your loss hurts me daily like a fresh wound.
Tears flows in my soul.
Can’t just get over your loss.
You worth more than silver and gold.
Losing you is like losing a good part of me.

 I came to realize also,
I was careless.
I held to your mistake and judged you with it.
I held back when my love should have saved you.
What you did grieved me.
And I allowed it to rule my heart.
It cracked our tie in a way and sever our relationship.
It was too late when I came in.
I did all I could,
But the time I had drawn back cost me you. 
Now I dwell in pains.
I should have seen beyond that moment    
But I just held to your wrong doings.
I never thought you will leave me
But you did.
I know if I had been there for you, you will have live.

Please forgive my folly.
Please forgive my weakness.
I have come to learn in this hard way.
If you don’t want to lose some one so dear,  don’t be careless with them.
Rest in peace daughter.
We shall meet to part no more.

11 months ago
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