An Encounter with Love

    I grew up in wickedness, hostility and hatred. It started when my mother died in a polygamous family. You know what that means, you have many people and yet nobody. I was treated with great hostility that I have to go outside to be have free mind. With time I found out the street was better than home for me so I went out to the street. Living there revealed the other side to me. Living on the street was survival of the fittest. If you are not fit, you will be broken, destroyed or eaten. Your fitness was measured by cruelty. I learnt in a hard way and my life changed. The mercy in me died and cruelty took its place. 
    I think no love, I think no mercy. My mind, my aim was to survive. Surviving for what in particular? I didn't know.  I was in a gang of five and we were full of troubles. We stole to eat. We oppress the weak, we were like cult and looking at every one of them, there was no mercy in their souls. We were also been beaten by bigger gangs which made us braced up to do more vice. With time we became hardened. We were also used by some people to carry out their pleasures. We raped girls to get pleasure, cause trouble to have our ways, make fight to get profit, we pick pocket and raided in the night. The cry of no one moved us. The pain of no one grieved us. We were just having life and advancing in doing what we knew how to do best. Growing in age I became prominent among my gang and things moved on for us. We grew in crime and  spread our tent. 
    The first time I thought of freedom from this cruel life was when a guy told us about artifacts in his village that we could steal and be millionaires. That was the time I thought I would leave the street and get doing some other things, my soul desired it and I encouraged our people, we went for it. There we met more than we began for. It was treasure guarded by demons. We had hell for a life. I lost all my gang members and was rescued at the verge of death by a hunter.  
    The only time I felt that kind of love was when my mother was alive. The hunter and the wife showed me care like their own son. They have two sons , one was of my age. They also have two daughters. Young one, around twelve and ten. They helped me recover, gave me clothes to me as if they had known me. I flowed well with the youngest child in the house. Her name was Sope.  I felt the life I had lost. I was a different person when my mother was alive and a different person when she left me. I tell you, love is a key thing in the life of a child or any person. Who you are when there is love in your life is close to God, who you are when hatred is in your life is close to the devil. Love is priceless. Hatred reduces treasure to trash. 
    I found myself in a village, the city life is all I had known. I wanted to return but I found something in the village. Love! I stayed with them. I had become hardened, cruelty was all I had known them. For days I stayed with them, I stayed on their mercy without asking for a pay back. I just wake up, ate, played and do few things necessary. After a weak I followed them to their farm, I could do little. The boys related with me well, we work together and it was good for me. As if I wanted something, my soul thirsted for it. I talked less but let their it love sink into my heart. I was like sheep, that followed them as shepherds. With time the joy in me began to show forth. I had lost out with it in 18years. I began to notice that I smiled. This was from the heart, not to the spite someone. I laughed from clear mind. The person I was began to resurface again. The family kept me as theirs , I told them I don’t have a place to go to. They had more pity ne me, they drew closer, this helped my spirit the more and the better me began to resurface. I had a life by this love and I began to remember my child hood dream. I had wanted to be a doctor but I could not go to secondary school. My life came back to me and I wept alone. What do I do with  my life at 28. I got no skill, I have only been a street demon. 
    Spending more time with self, I came to know, I had gift for ewi. It came to me one day when I was playing with my friend, Sope. It sounded good to her and she always request that  I do that. We joked with it until it got stronger and many thought began to flowed through it especially on my experience. 
     On the other side, father called me and counsel me to take to farming on my own. I was ripe to be a man. He gave me good portion and guided me through. I was happy to the bone. I have a life of my own not by stealing or wickedness which I have come to hate. I worked on my farm, and still joined him on his farm, I loved the love we shared. Life became beautiful for me again. I have life I can be proud of. I lived in the love of a good family. I discovered my skill which stirred joy in me any time I used it. Their loved changed my life. It transformed me from that beast I was fast becoming to a gentle young man I am now.

6 months ago
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