An Encounter with Jack

      When I saw him, I knew he was not my match so I had to humble myself. I had the unusual height. I had the unusual strengt. Instead of using it to help myself, I go about bullying those older than me, my mates and those I am older than. I had few friend we walked together as clique. It is not good to walk alone. We were good at what we did and we were respected for it. You know the kind of respect you get when people choose you as their dread.  We lived like this until one day, we were making trouble and a man showed up. He was huge than I am, with bulging muscles.    Mere looking at him, I knew he was more than me. He broke a branch I would need cutlass to cut with his right hand and moved towards us, I stopped my boys and we moved back as he came nearer. Then we ran to different direction has he moved toward us with greater speed.
    The people cheered him , “Eh, eh conqueror of the beast.” I later got to know he was jack. He was a friend to the prince who was known for trouble making in the city. They called them, mafia. Since then I learnt to use my strength for better things. 

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6 months ago
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