An Encounter with Robbers.

      I have always ridiculed the idea of been robbed by a man like me. Whenever anyone talked about it, I always look at such person as a coward “a man like me will walk into my house and cart away with my labour.” I know how  I labour, out of that labour I eat and feed my family and extend to others. I have never had the experience and I hated it. 
    I had to travel on a 5km journey. I rarely travel, there is nothing I was looking for moving here and there.  Whenever I have to travel, I don’t set my heart on evil, I just go. This very day. I wanted to collect money for the family. Our father who died not long ago had a farmland in Iba. We agreed it should be sold and the money given to us. I had collected the money and was coming back home. Just 2km into my journey home, I met them on the way. I was not the target. They were in groups of four. Four groups of four. Each group a vehicle at a time and passed them. When it was time for us, we were ordered to come down from the vehicle, the seven of us. Mere seeing their faces, they were high and they ready to do whatever. I heard gunshot and people screaming to the other side. When they asked us to lie down, I lied flat, I mean so flat that I could feel the breath of the earth. I had not done that in long while. In their voices one could note they were children of wasters, they were ready to wasters lives. They asked us the money on us and people gave, the young man lying beside had nothing apart from  500naira, that one with dread on his shot him. At that moment I wish the earth could open up and hide me. All my boast died within me. I would not confront them or care about anything, all I wanted was to be alive. I thought of my aged mother, who lost the husband not long ago, I thought of my wife and children, those children who will raise them? Children without parents suffer a lot. 
He askehd me “Where is your money?”
“It is in the car, let me bring for you.” I replied
I went into the car brought out the money and humbly gave him. 150,000 naira. I went back to lie down. When they were through with us, they asked us to go. We were now five. Two had been shut dead. no body opened the mouth to say a thing. The woman beside me was sobbing silently, the money for her fruit business was taking. The driver eyes was red shot so also the man beside him. I could not see my eyes but I noticed I was shaking. The young lady on my left side breath has increase.  I was afraid she might die. It was a terrible day. The image of the lost came to my mind and I remembered in a flash the young lady and man. They were polite and we were talking politics before their death came. Just like that? In the hand on human like them? What a cruel world!
    The driver could not ask us for money when we got to the pack. We just alighted and every body found their way home. The land was unusually silent, the news had reached them and everyone who had families or friends on the journey toward that side was in deep worry. Getting home, some of my people had come to wait for me. They had relieve when I came down from the vehicle, others were there grieving. They had lost their loved ones
“They took the money.  They shut two who had no money in the vehicle” I announced 
“You above money.” My brother replied
Getting home. No child was playing outside, that was unusual. Many rose up as they saw me to embrace me, and greeted. Many thought had ran through their mind. As I saw my wife, I knew she had been troubled.  She was leaner than I left her. She went in and gave me a glass of water. That helped calmed me a little. As I sat and the people with me seemed waiting to hear the story, a cry of mourning broke out in the third house. Gbade a good son was shot to death by the robbers and his driver was good enough to bring him home.

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