An Encounter with Christ

    I had everything I needed. Money, fame, I knew people of substance and lived my life the way it pleased me. They talked about Jesus.   I don’t give a damn. I don’t need him, I had all I needed. Most of those around me that have Jesus go to church, seeking for all I had. I have children, some go there to ask. I have a good wife better than some of their wives. I have houses in good places, some of them lived in one room with their whole family. I knew people, many of them pray to get connected to me so I can be of help. I always help in the ways I can. So why look for Jesus. I am safe and I have capable guards who took care of my security base. I had the best doctors attending to my family. We ate our choice, wear our choice and had large life but we maintain discipline. To sustain all things good, you must be disciplines. To also get out of bad to good, you need disciplined. 
    A time came in my life, I was down with what no doctor home and abroad could cure. I was sick in the body but they could detect nothing. Several tests, by the best of doctors all over but they got nothing. I was not getting lean, I looked same way I was but I knew something was eating me up. I lost my peace. I searched my life to see who I offended, who I hated, who I had the chance to help but I didn’t help and more. I found none. The thought of lack of peace began to eat me up and I began  to lose my happiness. There was a fire in my bone that no one could quench. Then one day, I remembered they said “Jesus can do all thing” Can he quench this fire? Can he give me the peace I lost. Can he make me the happy man I was again. As I sat on my bed, I said 
“Jesus, they say you can do all things, quench this fire in my bone” 
    The height of the feeling reduced. For months, going to a year, I had been sick but not confined to bed, no treatment given because nothing was found. I slept off.  I woke up feeling better. I had not slept like that for months. When others were sleeping, I was always sitting enjoying the night and then around four, I would sleep and wake up six. What did I do to help me get better? I called Jesus, so I kept saying.
“Jesus, they say you can do the impossible quench the fire in my bone”
I got better but no whole.  I could do thing I had not able to do. The feeling sometimes paralyzed my mind, I hated it  and I hated to live the life I hate, it makes a lot of  things to piss me off. Finally one day I knelt down and prayed
“Jesus, please help me. Heal me totally I will be your friend” 
    Jesus wants to be our friend. I felt like I had never felt over eleven months. But there was still little hanging. So I told my family we were going to church on Sunday. Good or bad news to them I don’t know, they followed my order. We got to the church and was ushered in with smiles. I sat where I was told to and waited for service to start. As I was seated I began to see many people of different categories come in. The one that touched me most was, I saw those I regarded as bigger, those I still wanted to get to where they were,  seated and waiting for the service started. They were up worshiping and dancing. I was humbled. The pastor talked about God’s love and gift of Jesus. When he made the altar call. I stepped out. That was the end of that fire in my bones. I had instant peace and my heart leaped for joy since then   I have been with Jesus and there had been no day of regret.

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