An Encounter with a Ghost

  I have always boasted of my no fear for ghosts. When people tell tales of ghost in dread and fear, I discard them by laughing out loud. Ghosts are spirits of dead people and they are highly harmless.
    So this evening, I went down the street to buy Suya. Walking back home, the light went out. There the drama began. I tried to moved faster before the guys that work in darkness came out to play their game on me. The first step I took brought a figure before me. A man or a woman I cannot say. He was tall this second and the other, a dwarf. There was horn on his head and his eyes were red hot. His cloth were mystery, red this second, black the other. His voice was like the cry of a baby, then like the cry of horror. It became more puzzling when I saw his face clearly, he was crying this second and  laughing the next. As he moved close, the feeling of him was of love and then hatred.
    All these happened in less than two minutes, I felt heavy, like I couldn’t move  but I won’t allow that evil catch up with me. I gather the strength within me and ran as fast as I could. He came after me, then I buckled up, that dread must not overtake me. Taking a glance behind me, I saw the cute rose in his hand turn to glittering sword with blood stain. I put on more speed I never thought I had.
    I ran inside my room and laid on the bed covering myself with two wrappers. I heard  a hard knock on the door , I jumped under the bed. It got heavier and I dashed into the toilet and bolted the door, my breath was heavy like I just finished four hundred meter race. Then the light brightened the bathroom, the voice of the children went high, “up NEPA”. I was drenched in my fear I could not shout. I looked around me, there was none in there, where I glue myself to the wall. I came out of the room and there was my room full of peace. The picture wanted to come to my mind but the blast of music by stopped it. I sat my bed quietly. There I noticed my slippers was gone so also the Suya. I could not even remember at what point I lost them.
    Thinking on it as I lay on the bed, I realize it was one of the ghost story I heard in the village that play itself directly to me and it simply symbolized, sheku- sheye, one who live the double life. Since then when you talk of ghost, I move away quickly.

4 months ago
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