Go Start From Home

    Walking jejely on my own to my father’s compound, James came out of theirs and stopped me. He was the rude guy of our street; honoring no one, just doing his things in his folly.
“Hey Rose, please let me have a word with you?” James said to me with unusual humility. 
“Has the gods touched him? Maybe the God of the Christians, doing wonders in our village, had done it in his life.” I wondered in my mind. He never honour anyone even his own father and mother. Every parent wants their children away from him. He was a mark of bad influence. I stopped for him, he came to my side smiling like he had found the true joy that evangelist was speaking of. He said when you find true joy, your life will be bright whether in pleasure or in pressure.
“How are you to day beautiful one? You are as your name.” He said still smiling.
“I am fine James. What about you?” I replied
“I am fine, thank you. You see, I searched my mind and I found the true beauty in you. I like you so much in fact I love you and I want you to be my girl.” He was saying. 
My heart questioned, “has he ever known love?”
“I will be good to you. You are precious Rose, just know that and I will take care of you and treat you right. I will be there for you and make you happy.” He continued
I won’t allow him to continue, it was a waste of my time. “James, I appreciate your expression but I tell you, go and start from home. You can’t give what you don’t have. You have not treated your own father and mother right, how then will you treat me born of a stranger right? Go start from home.” I replied him.
His face change, that ugly self came up in him, I began to move back bit by bit.
“You think you can talk to me anyhow. Is it because I call you beautiful, you are an ugly stupid girl” James replied
“Just now you have changed your words. You are the ugly man, change your ways, go and start loving and treating them right from your home” I replied moving to my compound with the back step. The troublesome fellow was following me. He is never tired of trouble. The moment he said I will teach you a lesson. I picked up my Bolt spirit and sprint home like cheetah. Everybody at home wondered what was pursuing me but they never saw him. If he showed face in my compound , he would be broken by my brothers. 

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