There is one MOAN supermarket down my street.  I always go there to get few things and also to kill boredom. This evening, I was so bored that nothing in my room made any sense to me at that moment. I decided to go to MOAN. I stuck the purse with few bucks and took my phone just in case someone wanted to say hi. I wore a loose gown on a fancy slippers, no makeup, just the fine me. 
          Coming out of the of the mall, someone stopped me. I felt good about it, at least, I will talk to someone. He came to me full of admiration.
“Hey babe, my name is Roy and you?”
“Lanpe” I replied
“How are you?” he asked
“I am fine thank you” I replied
          From there, he began to talk about his love, his care , his mind and all. All centered on he loved me. As he was talking, a beggar came round to ask for alms, he attacked him aggressively.
“Now did you see anyone looking like you here, you blind bat? Move away from here and stop generating stink”
 A while after that, a guy passed. Roy greeted him so well only for him to turn to me to tell his story.
“ He is one of those boys I give my used cloth, as a matter of fact that sneakers on his feet he got it from me.” 
          That was not cool to me, he was meeting me for the first time. He went on to profess his love. When I asked about my security, like “any girl you are dating now?” He calmly swore he wasn’t dating any then began to say terrible thing about his ex.
“That stupid girl, that dirty pig, that poor rat, that ungrateful idiot, that useless bitch. I don’t have any one for now but seeing you warms my heart.”
          I held on until I was tired of hearing those things and I politely asked to be excused. He asked from my number which I gave, I know how to deal with his kind.
          As I walked down home, I thought on what happened. He had no love in him. He couldn’t treat a beggar nice, a blind old man. He could not give without ridiculing, see the dirt he poured on his ex. Obviously one would know he was the problem. I conclude, based his deeds within that little moment, he gat no love in him. I mean the God’s kind of love and if he has not gotten that, he can't have the Eros love, all true love thrives on God’s own kind of love.

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