When in peace, remember war that consumes.
When in wealth, remember poverty that buries destiny.
When in joy, remember sorrow that dries the bone.
When in pleasure, remember pressure that breaks.
When you have love, remember hatred that brings darkness.
When you have health, remember sickness that bounds.
When you have power, remember powerlessness that makes a captive.
When you have strength, remember weakness that makes slave of kings.
When in glory, remember shame that brings to the knee.
When you have freedom, remember prison that hinders liberty.
When you have good friends, remember foes that betrays.
When in today, remember tomorrow that reveal all things.
When you are fruitful, remember barreness that bring reproach.
When you have breath, remember death that ends it all.
Be humble.
Be grateful.
Be careful.
Never bring yourself to the other side.
Where life becomes misery and pain.

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2 months ago
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