We won't Follow You

        Bro phelix kept bringing his church fliers to his office. Inviting his colleagues to come and worship his God. Time over time, nobody followed him. One day he sat among his friends in the office talking about different things, they talked on until he spoke about invinting them and nobody turned on.
     'I have always brought my fliers and invited you to church but non of you have turn up"

     One of his friends told him the truth
"We're sure same. We runs things together in this very office. We score girls together in this office. We are same. Nothing special about you to draw us to church. We are on same level, we dig same ground. So why should we follow you to church?'
     That sent a strong message to Bro Phelix. It was not all about what you say in preacing the gospel, it is all about who you are; the epistle of the gospel.

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We won't Follow You Ep 1
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