Dream Killer.

Like a fetter on your feet, 
It won't allow you take steps.
Like a mountain before you,
It won't allow you to cross over.
It is the cold water running down the spine when one wants to rise.
It speaks failure when you think success.
It reveals challenge, when you think smooth.
It holds you down,  when willing to rise.

Fear of unknown.
Fear of failure.
Fear of making mistakes.
Fear of what they will say.
Fear and all it encompasses kill dreams.
It allows viable seed to die in one.
Fear kills the brightest vision.
It silence dreams so tangible.
It speaks negativity.
It holds down the feet hindering action.
It drags your feet when you should fly.

Now with all might I say,
Have no fear.
Never fear!
Fear is a fake cover of the original you.
Take that step, if you fail learn from it and move on.
If you see challenges, face it and sharpen your spirit.
If they say, the mouth is to say, they are doing their job.
Kill the fear of the unknown with known truth; yes, you can.
Fear reduces giant to dwarf
Making you a cheap prey of unfulfillment,
Kill it.
Rise above it.
Take that step.
Fulfil your vision.
Fear no fear.
Dare to take that step.
Confront your fear and ride over it.

2 weeks ago
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