Give your Best.

         Adewale kept having same experience year after year. He worked so hard but he never thrived. Were the gods unfair, other who do not work as hard had the year ahead of them always blossoming. It was pin in his heart until he met the priest who told him the truth about it all. He always offer less quality offering at the every harvest season.
       At every harvest season, the people of Ara usually offer sacrifices to the gods to appreciate them and pray for more. Different kind of sacrifices come up, Adewale on his side always gave part of the sacrifice that are not the best. He reserved the best for next planting and for sale. Then offer part of the remaining. 
       The gods evaluated the sacrifice of the people by quality and quantity and give it back to the people it come. The only way as the priest indicated was to change the quality of the offering he was giving and watch what the gods will do. He indeed changed the offering and things out well for him. 
     Give what you want to see in quality and quantity.

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