No, Never.

I looked into his eyes where the heart reflects.
And said to him, 'No, I won't marry you'
He was a reflection of his father.
One and again, he had raised his hand against me.
I thought it was anger.
Untill I saw the father battered the mother.
You will pity womanity.
All the love for him dried in my vein instantantly.
This can't be the life I am going into,
This isn't the life I signed for.

Shocked! What are my offenses?
Your father, your very own father, 
'A bully and you have shown me sign.
It was red, dangerously red.'
I won't dare. It is over.
Take a thought of it
His father a bully,
He had showed me sign of this in him once and again.
Should I still go ahead?
No, I will answer for myself.
I won't open eyes and walk into fire.
To be reduce to a punch bag to boost your ego.
No, never.

3 weeks ago
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