Epistle of Horror.


Dear Sunday, 
How are you Sunday? How is your family? Hope you are save? The last time I heard from you was before the last attack on your village. I heard the report in the 8.0 O'Clock news and it got me trembling. I wondered why in God's own earth would some group destroy others for any reason at all. The life of human should be held as sacred not wasted as it if worth nothing.  
I want to hear from you very soon. Tell me about your well being and that of your family. If need be, you can come to my side with your family. My family has a big family house that can accommodate your people pending the time there will be peace in your land.
Please be careful, do not walk alone, don't stay away from where people are. Always remember to say prayer of safety. 
                                                 Your friend, 

Dear Destiny,
     I got your letter on the same day you sent it. I really appreciate it. To feed your curiosity about my safety,  I can only say I am alive.  As for safety, nobody is really save here. Many that were alive on Tuesday are dead now but I am alive.  As for my family well being, we are in a mourning mood.  My younger brother went with the last attack. I am in pains so also other members of my family. The pain of my mother who had lost a brother and his family to this violent attack makes me more sad. She is in dark mood. The faces of the people speak of despair in a land that was once of peace and love,  no one knows what can happen next. Thank for your care and concern my dear friend. Hope all is well around you? How is your business and your family as a whole? If all is well, all glory be to God.
     The violence ravaging this village have brought darkness upon the land.  You know when the hearts of men do not speak joy and we seem to be on our own. The death of some is like arrow shot against all, we are in one way or the other touched.  Pain every where, the fear that comes with what will happen next is enough nightmare on it own.  It is such a time all of us are praying to end.  It brings heaviness and despair, death and destruction. My constant prayer is that, God will restore peace to us,  console those mourning and restore our joy. Amen.
     Destiny, this invaders are heartless,  hostile, and wicked. They do not care about what we feel or the effects of the things they do will have on our lives. All they do is to destroy and destroy and destroy endlessly. Many properties built over the years with blood and sweat, you know how my people work,  are brought to nought in minutes with fire. And you know wide fire has no regard for anything no matter how precious, anyone not even the one who sets it. Houses, cars, motorcycles, shops, and more were devoured to the hopelessness of the owners. The most painful of this sight is that, the owners cannot do anything to save their seat. They had run for their lives only to return to meet their homes brought down by fire, no one can help but cry among those ones. They feel at the edge of life,  as if death should swallow them up yet they have to live on in the life that is not secure. They dread what will happen next. This is what I call, true state of misery. 
     The lost of properties is bad but it can still be regained. Houses can be rebuilt, you can buy another car but what about lives, my friend? Many lives are wasted regardless of age and gender. They unleashed their evil upon pregnant women carrying the unknown child  to the aged ones going back  to where they came from. Many mothers are made childless even at old age,  many children are made orphans,  they are now in care of nature and possibly God sents. Widows and widowers are made from the sword of terrorism. Even many families were wiped out completely. No one can say he or she have no lost to this evil, if not in his or her immediately family, then his or her relative or a friend. It as touched me all round,  I sometimes wonder at my hope of living. Oh sorrow! The land is laid waste and no body seem to care. No one care to bother that these children and youths that are daily been killed are the future we hoped on,  they are the glory of our land.  I weep, I weep for the evil these ones are raising  against  this land and the nation.
     Let me share this pathetic story of a friends with you. He had chosen the date for his wedding and all his family and friends were working towards it. It was the joy all over him and he was eager toward the day.  He had bought all that he needed and was consciously waiting for the day. The bride he was setting all for was cut off in one of the attacks against  the land. With this, his life seemed to come to an halt.  He could not comprehend it, it crashed him and he went into coma for days. He had put in much joy and expectations into this that he could not stand the ill news. When he regained his consciousness, he became unstable in his behavior. Sometimes he laughed, in the next minute he is cold, not saying anything. One day, he left the village  without telling anyone. We had searched for him both near and far, he is no where to be found. Every  one is worried over that but all hopped he would come back one day. The terror that is continuously unleash against the land have brought us tears and it is tearing our spirit within. It had done harm to us than good. It has brought us darkness other than light,  it had made the toughest heart to weep but we hope  that one day we will receive mercy. These recent happenings have hollow big wound in the heart of men. It will take a good time to heal that is if another one this will not refresh it. 
     I pray that the government will do the needful, release security  men to this side to quench this devouring fire of terrorism. The situation has gone beyond traditional rulers and elders, we need the federal  power for the safety of our lives. People  all over should also rise to help us. They should not leave us with this unlucky fortune. It can be any area.  The whole nation and beyond should please come to our rescue. The pain of one should be the pain of all. 
     I ask you destiny to pray for me,  to pray for our land, to pray for the nation that there will be peace. 
     Once again I thank you for your care. My regards to your family. If need be, I will  move my family  down to your side until peace is restored to the lands.
Stay blessed dear friend.
                                                 Yours truly,

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