Cry of a Widow.

My life stood still like the water in the pot when I heard he was gone.
'Bring him back, bring him back' my hearts cries.
Bring back my lover.
Bring back my companion.
Bring back my territory defender.
Bring back my  friend.
Bring back my provider.
Bring back the father of my children.
Bring back the one who praises me.
Bring back the one who rebukes me.
My admirer.
Bring him back to me.

How dreams are shattered!
How hopes are dashed!
How destinies are crushed!
The loads we jointly bear,
It would be never be duty to carry it alone.
It would never be easy moulding them alone.
It would never be easy to sit alone and have no one of equal thought.
But I accept my fate, 
I accept what my fortune brought me with deep pain.
With much sorrow.
As the one to love is gone.
And none would mean same to me.
Two are never same.

Rest in peace.
You are in my heart forever. 

4 weeks ago
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