Victims not Heroes.

Yes, they fell while serving,
But they are not heroes, they are victims.
Heroes I think are people fighting a just course.
They are selfless, bringing good fortune to people even at the expenses of their lives.
These ones you waste, what course are they fighting?
The course of a man of no mercy,
They are use and made victims without apology,  without remorse.
Victim of cluelessness,
Victim of tribal conflict,
Victims of religion war,
Victim of political struggle,
Victims of indecision,
Victim of avoidable war,
Victim of wickedness that springs in the heart of men.
They have no option than to go and die.
They have  no option than to go and perish.
They have no option than to walk into the mouth of the destroyer that destroys.
If they try to say no, they would be called a tranny, ones against the land.
So they move with hopeless hope and get consumed, leaving loved ones behind to mourn.
Making miserable the heart of men.
Rest in peace if you have the peace.
While others wait there turn of been victims.

(For men who lost their lives while serving in truth)

4 weeks ago
No Episodes in this story
May be if the hearts of men at the top will beat right, the life of others would be safe.

4 weeks ago
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