Friend's Exchange.

        How are you doing over there? How are your parents, your siblings nko? I believe they are doing fine. How is my love doing? The one who moves my heart, the one I feel right here even meters apart. Hope you are taking care of him as promised?
       I received your letter with all joy and read it as if it was sent to me by his majesty; oba Akinolu. I read it again and again, it draws me closer to the village. No place like home friend. You will truly know the meaning of that word when you leave the shore of the village. 
       You see, eating iyan oko is not one thing in the city. It is not in their ways but I felt like been in the village, precisely in the farm, as I read your letter. City people mind their works and depend on people from different villages to bring farm products. City life is busy and funfilled. City life and village are totally different. I enjoy the city, I missed the village. 
        Concerning your brother, I love him no doubt about that and I will do as you wrote, I will keep myself for him. When I come home for the yam festival, I will mention our affair to my parents. I am very sure they will agree, your family is a good one.  
        I may not be able to join you for the dance, because I am not sure of the time I will be in the village, but I will surely be there. Dance with them, I know you will hit the top, you will beat them all. If I am able to get there on time,  I will join you.
    Concerning those things you have mentioned, I belief you are a good person and know what you can do. You have been my friend for a long time and I have gotten to know to a great extent what you can do aside that, you have also stood for me in different situations like that. That is the essence of friendship. We are not friends for the fun of it, we are friends to be there for one another, no matter what.
           I appreciate you for staying with me through it all, thank you. I will let you know when I am coming. Get the farm mortal ready, we are going to eat iyan before all other thing.
    Greet my love, tell him I will discuss with my parents when I come to make our relationship formal. Tell in whispers that, I love him above all others. 
     I will get you some gifts when coming. Take care of yourself. 
                                          Your friend.

Friends exchang 2
       How is life Temilade? Hope you're doing good at work and having fun as well? It's been two months and it's as if decades had passed. I miss you die. I have been alone if I may claim. Joke and Tolu are never a substitution, kenu madi le ni guguru won. Your brother delivered your message to me, I kept the letter as if it were more than paper and ink. It is more, the person who wrote it made it more. I enjoyed every bit of it and it was as if you were there, sharing the city life with me. I will be there someday.
       Lade, you must have put on weight and look more beautiful with those food you told me you eat. I don't belief in those, I like my eba and iyan. I was in the farm last week with my brothers to eat pounded yam. I was not interested in going, until the moment I heard that was coming up, I jumped at it. It was fun as usual, oh you missed.  Oga Dada's trap caught ikun,  then we were lucky to smash the head of the rodent living in our hut. The two crowned the meal. I did the soup cooking and my brothers pounded the yam. I took mine from the mortal to avoid not eating as I wanted. They almost fought on theirs while I sat eating my food, jejely. You know, every morsel count. I wish you were there. It would have been more fun for me. 
     Leaving the pounded yam, many things had happened in the village. Arike is getting married. Guess the husband. Ayo the son of agbede. The two lovers are getting married at last, sebi you know their stories. Through the thick and thin. Hahaha. They have a good ending. Lade, you should not betray my brother, you know he loves you, I watch on him as you told me and he had been faithful. Keep yourself for him to avoid the shame of the first night, if the city don't do it, the village still fully regard it. You know city is a land of divers culture, don't forget that if you do not keep tight, you will be a disgrace to your family. You remembered the incident of Amoke, I wept for her as the people of her husband's house, disgraced her and brought empty gourds to her father's house. She suffered psychologically until she was sent to another village. Please my friend, let us zeal our friendship with this love, you will be my sister in law and a friend.
      My brother is an hardworking young man, with much more faithfulness. He is loyal and can be caring. You are lucky with him. My Akin is doing fine. His family is talking about marriage but I have to finish that project I told you. He always ask of you and I told him, where you are.
       Lade, I know it, you will be a good wife to my brother, you have being a friend in court. You stood by me through those hard times, thank you. Been close to my brother, I told him some of the things, we have been through together and he made up his mind. The time of Ayoka's case, you were the only one that believed me. All evidence seems to prove against me that I stole the money. All others deserted me but you stood, with moral support. Let me tell you now, the thief was caught last Monday. It was Ayoka herself, she was the one who stole the money and use the opportunity of my presence in their house to say, I was the one. She did same thing last Monday with Aduke but the trick failed. The secret was made open. It was then she confessed all. It was a burden lifted from me. I thank you again for staying by me. I did not know why you did not doubt me, your act stood as a comfort to me whenever I thought of doing something wrong. It was a label that hurt too deep but thanks to God, I am vindicated.
    I will be glad to see you, you should be coming for the yam festival or won't your work allow you? It is one thing I do not want to miss. It is ever interesting, it enables us to have a happy time, at the same time, see our people who had left the village for a long time. 
     The last one was made bad for me, Toke claimed that I was among those who were fighting. I could hear your shout of innocence, 'She is not there, she  is not part of them' but they would not believe until you witness for me at the palace. If not, I would have suffered hell. My father had made up his my mind to give me the punishment I will live to remember, this, he told me later. Thank you.
   This one I know surely will be great, the king is really puting things in place for a large event. My plan is to be among the dancing group who will grace the occasion in our age grade. I want you to join me if you can so we can beat them to it again, as we always do. If you will do, you have to join early to learn a few new steps. It will be great.
          Many news, many gist but I keep the rest till you come. Buy me city things, most especially the wears. I want to look like the queen of England, how can a woman head a nation so powerful.  Write me when you are coming, so I can prepare so many things for you. 
       Greet your uncle for me. Take good care of yourself.
                                          Your friend,

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