Secret of Winning Always.

No one wants to lose,
No, I have never seen one.
All hands are up when asked, Who wants to win?
Yet not all people do.
It makes unhappy.
Defeated again!

Winners shine as stars of the sky,
Losers sink as broken ship.
Winners hearts cheer as brightness of the sun.
Losers hearts cloud with darkness.
Winners dance.
Losers mourn, striking the earth with their feet.
Defeat brings sorrow.
Defeat brings loss.
Defeat brings ridicule.
Shame all over the defeated,
bringing unglamorous life.

Oh, I want to win
You want to win?
Yes, I want to be celebrated.
You want to be on top?
Then fight your battle with right weapons.
Pardon me please!
I said, fight your battle with right weapons.
Ten battles, ten different weapons.
Know your battle, chose your weapons.
Then strike hard, accurately, in time and at the right places.

The use of right weapons makes battles a walk over.
It makes battles worth fighting.
Life is a battle field, you can't run from it, 
But you can always win.

Also, Build more courage than your battle.
Build more strength than your battle.
Build more strategy to counter your battle.
Build more confidence than your battle.
Be wiser and smarter than your foes.
Get all advantage above your adversaries.

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