Waheed hit this money, we could all see that he hit the money. Nobody knew how, nobody knew where, but we could see that Waheed hit the money. Many mouth were talking underneath ,how, where, when, but nobody could really answer the question. We could all see and his status as well changed. He had a wife who was with him through thin and thick, the blessing also robbed upon her. He took it upon himself to go to Hajj to become Alhaji, he spent lot to get the gold teeth. After that he took a new wife, that had been one of his wish. When money comes, he spend it with the others women. Good! The money flowed on. The second wife was not even as calm as the first one, who had passed through the thin line, and learnt lessons of life. The new wife, Modinat, took it as all advantage to spend the money, she had the time for life and she took her time to enjoy it. The husband had good fun with her and their life went on. There was still money and so he took another wife. A young one to beat. Beautiful Zainab. Life went on as there was money, he could control them. He could make choice of one to be by him and one not to be. In his world as at that time, he was having the best of his own time.
           The tide suddenly turned, money started going down. Waheed tried to work hard to get another break but it failed. It failed and the road blocked. Reality dawn on him that he had failed in a way. Soon it began to show, it began to tell. He had put the last things first, and the first things last. He hit money, instead of establishing it and creating more. He created route to spend money. He took women, and got cars. The house he build was residential for him and large family he had in mind. He tried to rescue himself and quickly diverted to a business. But it was too small to power the life he had built for himself. The way of human, how could Waheed thought that way? He had been through the night moment in the hands of poverty, when money came he forgot that he had to make plan to break out of hand of poverty forever. He started establishing route of spending, without generating other sources of income. It was when things could not work for him again that he thought he should have created wealth, establish multiple source of income before having multiple channel of spending.
     The wives he took after her first began to show their stuff. They majorly came for the money. Now that the money was gone, they took to aggression. His life began to war, battle of taking care of three women, six children, his family needs and maintain his Alhaji status in the society. He began to regret his furry action. Action without sense, putting that last things first. His life so came down, that he was not showing the hope of rising. To be or not to be, the wives would not leave yet they won't give him peace. His life almost jump out of him but he found his way of moving away and allowing them to face their struggles. Only the first wife had gotten the Wisdom of keeping her ways, he used that period to build herself and shop. She did it right not to joke with her money with the husband when things went bad for him. There was no advice on getting more money that he took. She consciously focus on her children. Which had suddenly become her large responsibility. So also other wives, they go back to their children after the nagging and quarrel.


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